October 26, 2005

Caffeine and wine

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We always skip breakfast.

Thick, glorious caffeine keeps our veins racing,
and our hearts pumping.

Just long enough until lunch.

By this time we’re starving
and so over endulge on pub food and wine.

Just to stay alive until dinner time.

Then we go home to our best friend the microwave.
Two minutes is all it takes.

Must hurry, gotta be down the pub by 7.


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  1. John Calkins said,

    Casey (Sandy Dymowski), forwarded your note to me, which included your “Scribbles” link. Upon reading today’s entry, I flashed back to the early 70’s, when I’d read Hugh Prather’s “Notes To Myself”. Probably long since out of print, but your writing style is very similar to Mr. Prather’s. It’s all the little things which add up to even a single speck of notable merit, was one of my takeaways. It profoundly impacted my life back then, so … well done, keep going and hopefully your conclusions will also change a life here and there. Respectfully… JC Calkins with COMMON SENSE 4 UNCOMMON PEOPLE

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